Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join the club?

If you are a student, member of staff, or graduate of UCD then absolutely!

How can I join?

You can sign up in person at the Sports Expo (19th-23rd September 2022). We’ll have a stall there where you can chat to committee members if you’d like to find out more about our wonderful club.

If you miss the Sports Expo you can pop by the climbing wall during any of our scheduled climbing sessions and chat to a committee member there about signing up.

You can also join the club through Sisweb!

How much does membership cost?

Membership is €20 for the full academic year.

I have never climbed before but would love to try. Can I climb with UCDMC?

Yes of course! We are happy to accept all skill levels. Just book into a teaching session and we’ll show you the ropes (pun intended).

Do I need my own climbing gear?

Nope. We provide climbing harnesses, shoes, rope and belay plates. You should wear clothes that don’t constrict your movements and that you are happy to climb in.

What is bouldering?

A lot of fun! Bouldering is climbing close to the ground so no need for ropes or harnesses. There are crash mats on the ground in case you take a tumble. You do not need to pass a belay test to boulder with UCDMC.

What is top roping?

Also a lot of fun! Top roping involves a rope that is running through an anchor point at the top of the wall. This allows you to climb to greater heights safely. You will need to pass a belay test with us to top rope outside of teaching and testing sessions.

What is a belay test?

This is a practical test you need to do before being able to use the top ropes at the UCD wall outside of teaching and testing sessions. Once you have passed your belay test you will be able to climb independently during training sessions. We’ll teach you all you need to know to pass during these sessions.

Do I need to come to all training sessions?

You can if you want, but absolutely no pressure to! The reason we have so many sessions is to get as many people involved as possible. Come as little or as often as you’d like.

Where is the climbing wall?

We’re at the back of the sports centre. Go in the main door and follow the signs for the climbing wall.

When can I climb?

Before you’ve passed your belay test you can book into teaching and testing sessions from 5-7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also use the boulder wall during these times. Details on how to book into sessions will be explained in an email once the wall opens.

I have never hiked before/get lost on campus. Can I still hike with UCDMC?

Yes absolutely! We do not require any experience but you will need a moderate level of fitness, as hikes can cover a fair distance and last all day. You will also need to provide your own gear. 

What gear do I need to hike?

You must have hiking boots with ankle protection, a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers. These are non-negotiable as Irish hills are known for rain! You should also have a rucksack to carry your things, a lunch and water. We have a handy hike checklist: 

Do I need to sign up for hikes?

Yes! If there is a hike running that weekend a link to sign up to the hike will go out with the weekly email. You cannot join the hike if you have not signed up in advance.

Where do we meet for the hikes?

A bus will pick us up from outside Spar next to the Montrose apartments and drop us back here in the evening. Here’s a link to the location:

Can I drive myself to the hike instead of getting the bus?

No – our hikes rarely finish in the same place they started, so you’d finish a day’s hike far far away from your car in the Wicklow wilderness.

What about trips?

Some of the highlights of our calendar involve adventures far and wide. We have club trips involving climbing and hiking all over Ireland and even further afield. More details about this year’s trips in due course so keep and eye and an ear out!